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email was always the plan

Dream ⇒ Automated Journey

Drag-and-plop to create a journey in minutes

It's all in one plan; from sign-up forms to drip email sequences

Reach out and follow up at the right time

Send & Experiment with Ease

Send in seconds with a editor

Swipe right to experiment and add a variant to any email

Automatically send the right variant to the right person with machine learning

Analytics about People

Know who you're writing to with the 3-personas summary

Get a full picture of your subscribers; know what pages they visit on your site, how they react to your emails and custom events from your apps

Query and segment with a fully event-based system

G'day mate; I'm Sam from LearntEmail,

We've created LearntEmail for one simple reason: Email Marketing Automation software is too complex! It shouldn't take a 6-step wizard, filled with checkboxes, to send 1 email to your list. But in MailChimp it does. It shouldn't take a genius to setup a magical customer journey; but so often it does.

LearntEmail changes this. There are 3 ways that you're going to get a better result with LearnEmail:

  1. All your automation is in 1 place. Forms, drip campaigns, auto-responders and whatever else you can think of are drawn on the plan. This gives superhero-like agility.

    Want to test something "complex"; like sending a follow up email to everybody who signs up on a particular form? Just drag out an arrow on the plan. It's that simple. When it's all drawn on the plan, you don't need to dig through menus and waste your time.

    Screenshot of a Plan on LearntEmail

    We've found that conceptually simple tools can be the most intuitive and powerful tools in the hands of marketers.

  2. Send and experiment; it's even easier than using GMail. Email marketing software makes it so hard to just send an email to your list; you need to go through pages of checkboxes and options. We started again with LearntEmail and made something so simple; you'll feel at home if you've ever sent using GMail.

    But like all marketers, we wanted to experiment. So that's when we swiped right and added a variant. Experimenting is the lifeblood of marketing, so we wanted to make it easy and fun; not some A/B testing option stuffed in a menu.

    Screenshot of adding a Variant in LearntEmail

    On the backend, we use machine learning to crunch the numbers for each individual recipient. We try infer the tastes of each recipient and send them the variant that they're most likely to engage with. That means you instantly get a boost when you add a variant.

  3. More insights; not more graphs. Email marketing is about people; not numbers. We summarize your whole list in 3-personas; to give you insight into who your subscribers are. This is big data on your side.

    Screenshot of LearntEmail people analytics

So that's LearntEmail. Right now, we're just on the start of our journey to help marketers get their email marketing done better and more quickly. We'd love to help you:

Put your email in there, and we'll reach out and start a conversation about how you are doing email, and if we can help you out.

Sam from LearntEmail